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Materials Handling

To facilitate the movement of heavy pallets and ensure worker safety, pallet jacks are an essential piece of equipment for warehouses, construction sites, materials yards and manufacturing environments.

Heavy pallets, stacked full of inventory or materials, can easily be lifted and transported using a pallet jack, minimising the risk of injury to employees and the risk of damage to any goods.

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How do pallet jacks work?

The pallet lifter is steered and raised by a core lever. Pushing the handle on this lever releases hydraulic fluid that drives the forks of the jack to lower. The front wheels on the forks of the pallet jack are attached to linkages that, in turn, go to levers that are attached to the pallet jack cylinder.

As the core lever is raised, the wheels are forced down and the forks are raised, lifting the load on the jack upwards.

HIPAC Pallet Jacks

When it comes to industrial pallet jacks and trolleys, HIPAC Packaging Solutions are Australia’s trusted provider. Our heavy duty pallet jacks have reinforced forks to ensure maximum strength and durability. They are maintenance free and designed precisely to ensure frequent use.

HIPAC pallet jacks are the ideal solution for moving or transporting standard size pallets or moving machinery & equipment from warehouse to delivery truck, into storage or to another area in the premises.

Their Red Polyurethane Wheels ensure less noise and better grip, maximising employee health and safety.

We offer 3 different model pallet jacks of different sizes and weight capacities:

  • Standard Pallet Jack – 3,000kg capacity (685mm x 1100mm)
  • Narrow Pallet Jack – 2,500kg capacity (550mm x 1150mm)
  • Narrow/Short Pallet Jack – 2,500kg capacity (550mm x 700mm)

Durable HIPAC Pallet Trolleys

For some industrial environments, a more suitable piece of equipment for transporting pallets, machinery and heavy goods is our Plastic Flat Bed trolley.

This flat trolley jack has a robust and durable platform to ensure it can withstand the weight of significantly heavy goods. The sturdy handle ensures ease of transportation and the handle even folds to ensure that our flat trolley can be easily stored away in a warehouse, office or construction site when not in use.

With a load capacity of 300kg, it is the perfect solution for moving inventory or small machinery safely around an office or warehouse environment.

Pallet Jacks For Sale Online

HIPAC Packaging Solutions is a family business and leading supplier of packaging materials, warehouse consumables and safety supplies.

If you are looking for the most reliable pallet jack for sale online or a reputable, high quality work trolley for an industrial environment, we’ve got exactly what you need.

Buy direct from HIPAC Packaging and take advantage of our direct prices – as direct importers and wholesale distributors of pallet jacks and trolleys, we can offer the best price possible.

Hipac specialises in warehouse & packaging solutions in Melbourne. We cover everything from egg packaging & cardboard boxed, through to bubble wrap & zip lock pouches.

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  1. Pallet Jack

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 8500G

    These heavy duty pallet Jacks have reinforced forks for maximum strength and durability, these maintenance free pallet Jacks are suitable for standard size pallets, moving machinery & equipment etc, with Red Polyurethane Wheels for less noise and better grip. Note: A bulky item surcharge may apply on these items. Please contact us for a postage estimate. 

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    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    8500 Pallet Jack Standard 3000kg (685 x 1150mm) 1
    8501 Pallet Jack Narrow 2500kg (550 x 1150mm) 1
    8502 Pallet Jack Narrow/Short 2500kg (550 x 700mm) 1
  2. Plastic Flatbed Trolley 590 x 895mm 300kg

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 8520G

    This plastic flatbed trolley 590 x 895mm has a strong robust platform with folding handle. Platform Height: 200mm fitted with 2 fixed and 2 swivel 125mm diameter castors. Maximum Load Capacity: 300Kgs. Ideal for moving products around the office or warehouse safely. Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    8520 Plastic Flatbed Trolley 590 x 895mm 300kg 1
      Buy 3 for $141.08 each
  3. Pallet Wrap Machine

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 8800G

    This Semi-Auto pallet wrapping machine has been designed, and built with economy, efficiency and safe operation in mind. This stretch wrapping machine will give you all of the features you need to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently. This pallet wrap machine can dramatically increase efficiency and profitability through lower film cost per load compared to manual (hand) stretch wrapping. Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    8800 Pallet Wrap Machine 1
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3 Item(s)