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Mailing Tubes

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  1. Postal Tubes

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 4310G

    HIPAC Packaging Solutions are Australia’s trusted provider of packaging and warehouse suppliers and offer a great affordable range of high quality cardboard poster mailing tubes readily available to purchase online.

    When mailing important documents like maps, plans or posters, it is ever so important that they do not get damaged or compromised during transit. That’s why using a mailing tube to send these types of documents is essential.

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    HIPAC Mailing Tubes

    Post office tubes have a place in office, industrial and home environments but it has often proved difficult for Australian consumers and businesses to purchase postal tubes wholesale online - not any more though!

    You can buy postal tubes online at really competitive prices from HIPAC Packaging Solutions, Australia’s leading mailing tubes wholesale supplier.

    Ensure that your goods arrive at their intended destination damage free. The HIPAC postal tubes are the perfect tubes for mailing and protecting your documents, posters, paintings, arts and craft, calendars, fishing rods, blue prints, plans, umbrellas and even clothing.

    Post Office Tubes for Mailing

    HIPAC postal tubes are made from solid cardboard and are sealed with plastic end caps for efficient, effective mailing. We currently offer mailing tubes in 6 different sizes:

    • 450mm x 60mm
    • 660mmL x 60mmD
    • 745mm x 60mm
    • 805mmL X 60mmD
    • 1850mmL x 60mmD
    • 1500mmL x 100mmD

    Cost-Effective Wholesale Mailing Tubes

    We cater especially for mailing tubes bulk orders for individuals and businesses with a high frequency of postal orders.

    As a top cardboard mailing tubes wholesale supplier, our competitive bulk pricing proves a very cost-effective solution for anyone with an online or e-commerce business, particularly if the products sold are small in size like fishing tackle, clothing, documents or posters. The more mailing tubes you buy from HIPAC online, the lower the cost.

    Cardboard Mailing Tubes

    Rather than paying high postage costs for bulky jiffy bags or cardboard packaging, consumers can avail of the same level of postal security using a HIPAC mailing tube – but at a fraction of the cost.

    Our cardboard postal tubes are not just the ideal solution for mailing documents or small items, they make for a great secure storage solution too. Pack important documents or goods away in a HIPAC postal tube and protect it from dust and weather related damage. They take up minimal space so not only are they a secure storage solution but they’re a real space saver too.

    Wholesale Postal Tubes

    The range of packaging supplies and materials available from the HIPAC Packaging Solutions extends far beyond cardboard postal tubes. For all of your required office and warehouse consumables and packaging supplies, simply browse the HIPAC online store.

    With great bulk discounts across all of our products, easy online checkout and fast delivery, you won’t find a better, more efficient and cost-effective service in Australia.

    Hipac specialises in warehouses & packaging solutions in Melbourne. We cover everything from egg packaging & cardboard boxed, through to bubble wrap & zip lock pouches.

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    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    4310 Cardboard Mailing Tube 450mm x 60mm (Lids lnc) 10
      Buy 100 for $1.50 each and save 7% Buy 300 for $1.30 each and save 19%
    4312 Cardboard Mailing Tube 660mmL x 60mmD (Lids lnc) 10
      Buy 100 for $1.70 each and save 3% Buy 300 for $1.55 each and save 12% Buy 1000 for $1.50 each and save 15%
    4313 Cardboard Mailing Tube 745mm x 60mm (Lids lnc) 10
      Buy 100 for $1.80 each and save 10% Buy 300 for $1.70 each and save 15%
    4314 Cardboard Mailing Tube 805mmL X 60mmD (Lids lnc) 10
      Buy 100 for $1.95 each and save 8% Buy 300 for $1.75 each and save 17%
    4316 Cardboard Mailing Tube 1850mmL x 60mmD (Lids lnc) 10
      Buy 100 for $3.30 each and save 10% Buy 300 for $3.05 each and save 17%
    4318 Cardboard Mailing Tube 1500mmL x 100mmD (Lids Inc) 10
      Buy 100 for $4.75 each and save 7% Buy 300 for $4.30 each and save 16%
  2. Line Marking Paint Applicator

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 5116G

    This line marking paint applicator is a solid construction with soft rubber tyres to ensure smooth operation and consistent coverage. Takes cans of various heights. Incorporates a side mount for working right up to and against walls. Quick and easy marking of lines for ovals, car parking spaces etc. (Also available for hire) Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    5116 Line Marking Paint Applicator 1
  3. Line Marking Paint

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 5113G

    Line Marking Aerosol paint cans available to suit either machine use or hand held application. Available in a wide range of long-lasting lead-free colours. Machine version uses a special T actuator to fit the Ultracolor 4 Wheel Line trolley. Hand held version has a spray through cap for all hand-use applications, including stenciling of disabled parking spaces, pedestrian crossings etc. Used in applications such as Line-Marking, Warehousing and Civil Engineering industries. Note: A Dangerous Goods freight surcharge of $25 + GST will be automatically added to the freight cost on these items. 

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    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    5113 Line Marking Paint Yellow Hand Held 500g 1
      Buy 12 for $8.30 each and save 6%
    5114 Line Marking Paint White Hand Held 500g 1
      Buy 12 for $8.30 each and save 6%
    5117 Line Marking Paint Yellow 500g 1
      Buy 12 for $8.30 each and save 6%
    5118 Line Marking Paint White 500g 1
      Buy 12 for $8.30 each and save 6%
  4. Silica Gel

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 4580G

    Silica Gel is non toxic and non corrosive gel packs in tyvek sachet that protects your goods against damage from condensation and moisture silica Gel Desiccant bags are used in industries such as pharmaceutical and food, for protecting electronic equipment and all humidity sensitive products. Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    4581 Silica Gel 1gm 34 x 21mm 1000/pk 1 pk
      Buy 10 for $29.15 each and save 11%
    4583 Silica Gel 5gm 56 x 31mm 500/pk 1 pk
      Buy 4 for $43.75 each and save 5%
    4584 Silica Gel 10gm 75 x 50mm 500/pk 1 pk
      Buy 4 for $69.35 each and save 8%
    4586 Silica Gel 50gm 120 x 80mm 240/pk 1 pk
      Buy 4 for $116.00 each and save 14%
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