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Poly Bags & Plastic Zip Lock Bags 

Poly bags, or polyethylene bags, are the main source of packaging in the world. They are chemically resistant, making them handy in pharmaceutical environments, and they hold a wide range of packaging uses, from the packaging of computers to that of domestic products, wholesale products, and everything in between.» Read more

They can be transparent or coloured, and are strong, elastic, weather resistant and are as little as 2 cent per bag, making them economically efficient. HIPAC Packing Solutions provide poly bags that come in a wide range of sizes and quantities, as well as plastic zip lock bags and many other plastic packaging solutions.

Our bags can be purchased as standard bags, which are best used for general purpose and packaging, providing protection from dust and dirt, or heavy duty bags which are great for heavy or sharp products, as well as heavier products such as construction materials. Heavy duty bags can be heat sealed or sealed with a staple, making them reliable sources of packaging. Poly bags can also be used to protect goods during shipment and for food, making them useful in a variety of industries. Poly bags can also be a great means of advertising, as you can easily print upon them, and they can also be a great asset domestically as they can be used as bin liners, protectors, supply carriers, storage and so much more. We also have a massive selection of packing tape, pallet wrap, latex gloves, double sided tape, bubble wrap, and all of your packaging supplies needs.

Poly bags are easily shipped, and here at HIPAC, we ship them quick at unbeatable prices and with an excellent customer care service. You can buy 100 bags to as many as 1000, depending on the domestic or commercial needs you have. Our website provides an easy to use means of purchasing, where you can browse our different poly bags and plastic zip lock bags and select the size, style and quantity you require. We are a NSW business that prides itself on servicing major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. We are one of the leading suppliers in consumable packaging supplies and wholesale warehouse packaging materials and have dealt with major companies and government offices such as Allied Pickfords, EcoWise, Harvey Norman, the Department of Defence, the University of Canberra and Honeywell. We began trading in 2011 and have grown substantially since then. For us, customer service is number one, and we aim to exceed the expectations of every buyer that approaches us.

Our supply and variety of poly bags and packaging supplies is growing as we get to know more and more about the various needs and wants of our customers and various clients. To get started with us, simply set up an account online and start shopping! If you want to get in contact with us, our details are on our website and we will be more than willing to help you with any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you here at HIPAC.

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  1. Standard Poly Bags

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 2180G

    Polyethylene bags are ideal for general purpose packaging and provide protection from dust and dirt. Light duty LDPE 50um. Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea ex GST Bulk Price ex GST Qty
    2180 Poly Bag 100 x 150mm 50um - 1000/ctn 1 Ctn
      $14.40 (5+)
    2182 Poly Bag 125 x 180mm 50um - 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $20.80 (5+)
    2184 Poly Bag 150 x 230mm 50um - 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $31.90 (5+) $29.45 (10+)
    2186 Poly Bag 200 x 305mm 50um - 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $53.35 (5+)
    2188 Poly Bag 250 x 360mm 50um - 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $72.70 (5+)
    2190 Poly Bag 300 x 405mm 50um - 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $113.80 (5+)
    2192 Poly Bag 360 x 610mm 50um - 500/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $104.95 (5+)
    2196 Poly Bag 500 x 750mm 50um - 500/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $163.25 (5+)
    2198 Poly Bag HDPE 150 x 250mm 25um 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $18.65 (5+)
    2200 Poly Bag HDPE 305 x 460mm 25um 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $45.50 (5+)
    2202 Poly Bag HDPE 230 x 715mm 25um 1000 / Ctn 1 Ctn
      $57.15 (5+)
  2. Heavy Duty Poly Bags

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 2210G

    Great range of sizes. Stronger for heavy or sharp products. Polyethylene bags with a heavier micron (75um) for the packaging of heavier products. Can be sealed with a heat sealer or stapled. Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea ex GST Bulk Price ex GST Qty
    2210 Poly Bag 100mm x 150mm 75um 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $21.20 (5+)
    2212 Poly Bag 150mm x 230mm 75um 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $46.20 (5+)
    2214 Poly Bag 200mm x 305mm 75um 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $75.20 (5+)
    2216 Poly Bag 230mm x 330mm 75um 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $101.30 (5+)
    2218 Poly Bag 250mm x 360mm 75um 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $120.10 (5+)
    2220 Poly Bag 305mm x 460mm 75um 1000/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $157.40 (5+)
    2222 Poly Bag 360mm x 610mm 75um 500/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $153.05 (5+)
    2224 Poly Bag 560mm x 915mm 75um 200/Ctn 1 Ctn
      $126.55 (5+)
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2 Item(s)