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Spiral Machine Film, Plastic Packaging & Food Packaging Supplies


For smart, innovative and affordable packaging materials from a leading distributor with full customer dedication and an ever-growing number of over a thousand products, Hipac is your only solution. We pride ourselves on openness, honesty and on delivering excellent customer care and quality products at competitive prices. Our main customers are in warehouse and distribution, manufacturing, construction and mining, agriculture and forestry, retail and office and healthcare, however we love to hear from all kinds of different customers as we understand the diverse needs of consumers. » Read more


Spiral Wrapping Film Machine

Since we started trading in 2011, we have grown from a small family run business into a leading distributor in packaging material and solutions. However, we keep out local Canberra origin close to our hearts and understand that one-on-one customer interaction is so important. We sell a variety of packaging materials on our one-stop online shop. Some of the products that we offer include, but are not limited to, strapping and warehouse supplies, safety and janitorial supplies, cafeteria supplies, packaging supplies, packaging tape, plastic packaging, spiral machine film, plastic packaging supplies, pallet wrap, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, double sided tape, latex gloves, and food packaging supplies. As we are both direct importers and wholesale distributors, we can deliver these products at an unbeatable price.

Heavy Duty Resealable Plastic Bags

Our online website is very easy to use and is purpose built with the customer’s interests in mind. You can browse a whole range of products according to price and type, and when you click in to view each product you will see information on the product image, code, price, description, bulk price and even customer based reviews to get a more personalised idea of the product you are purchasing. If you want to review a product later, simply add it to your wish list. If you’d like to notify a friend about the product, you can utilise our “email a friend” button. And finally, if you’d like to compare a variety of products, you can use our compare list. All of these options ensure you purchase exactly what you need, when you need it.

Plastic Seal Bags

To set up an account with us, simply fill out an online express order/account form and your account will be live the very same day. Your account lets you keep track of any purchases you have made or would like to make, as well as shipping and tracking details. All orders made before 2p.m. get same day dispatching so you’ll get what you need in the shortest time possible. We also provide our customers with a fourteen-day product guarantee to ensure that they are completely satisfied with each and every purchase that they make.

For more information, or simply to get in contact with us, you can give us a call, send us an email, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or on Google Plus. We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Spiral Machine Wrapping Film

    Availability: In stock

    SKU: 2160G

    For Spiral Wrapping Machines. Ideal for fast bundling of long length material with a Spiral Wrapping Machine. High quality strong cast film, transparent for easy identification of products Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    2160 Spiral Machine Wrapping Film Clear 240mm x 1420m 20um 1
      Buy 5 for $49.39 each Buy 10 for $44.88 each
    2162 Spiral Machine Wrapping Film Clear 125mm x 550m x 23um 1
      Buy 16 for $10.89 each Buy 160 for $10.01 each
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