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Egg Cartons & Trays

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  1. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 12KG Bag

    SKU: 4910G

    Use this Diatomaceous Earth for feeding Livestock, Poultry, Pets, dusting pens. Dusting green houses, dusting fruit, flower and vegetable crops. Can be done even on day of harvesting crops with no harm to animals or humans as it is pure and organic. Don't dust when Bees are present. Adding to grains for pest control. Diatomaceous Earth for Mites and Fleas in Chickens (poultry) and Birds; Dusting of birds, their houses and pens etc with Diatomaceous Earth has been found to be very effective. Mites and other pests do not become immuned to Diatomaceous Earth as it kills by dehydration of the pest. This can take a few days for them to die. Breaking the breeding cycle of the pest is essential to the success of irradication of the pest. Diatomaceous Earth will not harm birds or the owners. It will only affect small pests and parasites. Other benefits for Poultry; *Egg rate production improves while the death rate and egg breakage went down. *Reduced flies in the chicken coup. *Stronger egg shells. *Stronger and happier birds *Healthier and stronger feathers *Longer laying period *More contented birds Dust every 5 days until irradication has been successful. Dust until you have stopped the breeding cycle of the pest. Make sure to dust the nests as these are the favourite breeding places for most of these pests. **Not for human consumption** Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    4910 Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 12KG Bag 1 Bag
  2. Egg Box

    SKU: 4179G

    The Egg box is an ideal form of packaging when transporting or storing your egg. The Egg box has a generic print, It is also available in custom print - minimum 500 quantity required. The Egg box holds 15 x 1/doz egg cartons or 6 x 30 + 1 for protection pocket trays. Note: A bulky item surcharge may apply on these items. Please contact us for a postage estimate. 

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    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    4179 Egg box 320 x 300 x 350mm 1 Box
      Buy 300 for $1.95 each and save 10% Buy 600 for $1.78 each and save 18%
    4175 Tray Pack Egg box 300 x 300 x 320mm 1 Box
      Buy 300 for $1.78 each and save 9% Buy 600 for $1.62 each and save 17%
    4177 Long John Egg box 528 x 300 x 208mm 1 Box
      Buy 300 for $1.80 each and save 8% Buy 600 for $1.70 each and save 13%
  3. Egg Cartons

    SKU: 4900G


    Hipac’s egg carton provides maximum protection to the eggs inside, these carton are designed to hold and safely protect 12 eggs. The flat lid of the carton allows you to stick your own label on with plenty of room to fit all the information required. This egg carton will comfortably hold 500g, 600g, 700g or 800g eggs, eggs larger than this we recommend that you use our jumbo cartons (sku 4902) these cartons are made from recycled pulp, and are biogradable. Egg cartons are able to be custom pre labeled with your own label and egg size, this is done in the manufacturing process and is very cost effective, custom pre labeled cartons saves the producer valuable time and money. Please contact us for pricing, minimum order quantities do apply. Learn More
    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    4900 Egg Cartons 1 doz 140/pk 1 pk
      Buy 12 for $47.00 each and save 13% Buy 28 for $42.00 each and save 23%
    4902 Jumbo Egg Carton 1/doz 160/Bundle 1 pk
      Buy 10 for $52.25 each and save 18%
    4904 Egg Cartons 1/2 doz 120/pkt (2 x 6 ctn) 1 pk
  4. Egg Trays (fillers)

    SKU: 4906G

    Hipac’s egg trays (fillers) are made from recycled pulp and provide maximum protection to the eggs. These egg trays are used for storing and transport of eggs in lager quantity’s and takes up less room than the 1 dozen egg carton. The 20 pocket tray is designed for Jumbo eggs but is the same dimensions as the 30 pocket tray and will fit into our shipping egg box (SKU 4179) Note: Extra delivery costs may apply on these items. Please contact us for a postage estimate. 

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    Code Product Name MOQ Price/ea Bulk Price Qty
    4906A Egg Trays (30 eggs) 85/pk 1pk
      Buy 16 for $20.00 each and save 17%
    4908 Jumbo Egg Trays (20 eggs) 70/ctn 1 pk
      Buy 10 for $19.25 each and save 15%
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4 Item(s)