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Cardboard Boxes & Wholesale Packaging Boxes Melbourne

At Hipac, we pride ourselves on being a leading supplier of consumer and warehouse packaging materials and products in Australia. Our family owned business serves top rated companies and government departments and we supply, service and support market resellers.... Read More

One of our most popular product categories are cardboard boxes. Melbourne has continued to experience steady growth and need for our cardboard products, which is why we provide three types of cardboard boxes for sale in Melbourne.

1.   Die cut cardboard boxes

Our die cut custom cardboard boxes in Melbourne are amongst our best-selling packing products for the region. We use premium corrugated cardboard for our die cut boxes which can be customised to suit any size or shape. All our boxes assemble quickly and easily. In addition, they are sturdy, durable and come flat packed to make shipping and storage stress-free.

The ability to customise the boxes helps to eliminate wasted space that may result from a standard shipping or packing box. Maximising your shipping space translates into more product being shipped per load. Ultimately, money is saved with the ability to ship more products with fewer loads. Furthermore, eliminating wasted packing space saves you money and the need for extra packaging materials and add-ons such as foam packaging peanuts to fill the excess space.

Our boxes can be further customised with print of your choice. Moreover, these boxes can be designed and shaped to exact specification for marketing and display purposes. Note: the ability to customise size requires a minimum order quantity since tooling costs will apply to the order.

2.   Regular slotted carton (RSC) cardboard boxes

Our RSC cardboard boxes are convenient and affordable options for shipping or packing. The RSC design is clean and efficient. These boxes are less expensive to buy as there are no tooling costs to consider. The boxes are easy to assemble and environmentally friendly since there is less cardboard used while manufacturing them. Boxes can also be customised with print.

3.   Cardboard moving boxes

Studies have shown that moving is rated one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. At Hipac, we hear this all the time and have a full array of cardboard moving box options to make your move as stress free as possible. We have durable and affordable cardboard box options that will help organise and streamline your move.

Whatever your cardboard box requirements may be, our user friendly website makes it quick and easy to purchase the right boxes. You can choose the type of cardboard you want, order in bulk and compare different types of products. You can always count on superior customer service including prompt and reliable delivery from Hipac.

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Hipac, being one of the leading suppliers of consumable packaging supplies and warehouse products, supplies many government departments and well-known brands which has led us to be a highly trusted company. We also welcome resellers and offer price support.