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Packaging Supplies & Wholesale Packaging Materials Melbourne

Many small businesses require regular shipping of small to medium sized parcels. To ensure that their parcels arrive in tact and in proper condition, their parcels must be securely packed to prevent any damage while in transit. Searching for the proper packaging supplies in Melbourne can be a daunting task. Similarly, a large warehouse or distribution facility will be faced with even more complicated packaging choices having to ship larger boxes or pallet sized cargo. However difficult this may seem at the outset, our extensive packaging supplies offerings at Hipac make buying warehouse packaging supplies in Melbourne an easy task. …Readmore

The primary objective in choosing the right packaging supplies is to ensure the prompt delivery of a package with no damage. In addition, with the increased shipping frequencies, the type and cost of packaging materials needs to be appropriate and cost effective.

The first thing to consider in choosing the right packaging supplies for your requirements is what type of protective packaging do you require for your goods to be shipped. At Hipac, we offer a wide variety of durable corrugated cardboard boxes that are suitable for shipping. To further protect your shipment, we also supply a wide range of bubble wrap and bubble bags. We even offer a bubble wrap designed to protect static sensitive electronic items.

For larger shipping containers including pallet shipments, we offer a host of shrink-wrap options as well as void fillers such as loose fill foam peanuts and air pillows. Note our foam peanuts are made from Bio Fill, which is biodegradable and compostable. We also sell pallet pads and cardboard corners for additional pallet protection. Furthermore, we also supply a variety of silica gel packs to prevent condensation from damaging sensitive electronic equipment and other humidity sensitive goods.

To address the needs of properly packaging food, we provide special stretch films and sealing tapes to protect food from exposure to dust, microbes, heat and moisture. For hygiene and safety purposes we also offer transport ready egg trays and cartons.

In addition, we have a variety of packaging solutions for goods that will be kept in storage for a period of time. Boxes, wraps and films that are designed to resist splitting, ultra violet light and moisture are just some of these many options.

We also provide an extensive category of items to help mark and identify your goods for shipment or storage. Check our website for a complete list of markers, crayons, paints, tapes and stickers. Lastly, we also offer supplies to help with your mailed items such as labels, bubble bags and postal tubes.

We are ready at Hipac to serve you and meet all your packaging needs. Expect superior customer service and quality products at competitive prices when you order from us. …Hide content

Hipac, being one of the leading suppliers of consumable packaging supplies and warehouse products, supplies many government departments and well-known brands which has led us to be a highly trusted company. We also welcome resellers and offer price support.