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Packaging Supplies & Wholesale Packaging Materials Sydney

For some businesses, shipping parcels and packages consumes a significant portion of their monthly operating expenses. The major concern for a business shipping a package is that its contents arrive at its destination intact and not damaged. Sourcing suitable packaging supplies in Sydney can prove difficult with all of the available options. For larger businesses with warehouses that ship larger cargo in greater volume, finding suitable warehouse packaging supplies in Sydney can be even more difficult. Fortunately at Hipac, we have a wide selection of packaging supplies to meet the needs of any business size. …Readmore

Whether you are a small business that ships only two times a month or a high volume distribution warehouse that ships daily, we have all the right wholesale packaging supplies to meet all your shipping and storage needs. We have numerous packaging options to securely package your goods in a cost effective manner.

The first consideration when buying packaging supplies is the shipping container. At Hipac, we offer a large selection of cardboard boxes that are strong and durable enough for shipping. For uniquely shaped items that don’t properly fit into a standard design box, die cut boxes are good options. For extra protection, many companies and shipping facilities wrap the shipping contents in bubble wrap. We offer special bubble wraps to address different needs. For example, we supply foam backed bubble wrap that’s suitable for shipping fragile items such as furniture, foil backed bubble wrap for items that may be heat and light sensitive and special bubble wrap to guard electronics that are sensitive to static.

Secondly, for large shipping boxes we sell our Bio Fill foam peanuts to fill empty spaces that may exist in the shipping containers. Our Bio Fill foam peanuts are 100% biodegradable as well as reusable. Another option to fill these empty spaces is to use our air pillows. For pallet shipments, we offer a complete selection of shrink-wrap as well as pallet pads and cardboard corners to act as protective dunnage. In addition, we sell silica gel packets to protect against condensation and polywoven bags to store sharp metal items.

For food storage and shipment, we supply a host of sealing tapes and special films to protect food items from dangerous microbes, dust and heat. Moreover, for longer-term storage, we can provide storage containers, films and wraps that fight against damaging elements such as moisture and ultra violet light.

Lastly, don’t forget to buy marking and identification supplies. Properly track and organise your packaged goods with markers, sprays, paint, tapes and shipping tags. We take care of your mailed items with bubble mailers, postal tubes and warning labels (e.g. “Fragile”).

We look forward to catering for all of your packaging needs in Sydney and beyond. …Hide Content

Hipac, being one of the leading suppliers of consumable packaging supplies and warehouse products, supplies many government departments and well-known brands which has led us to be a highly trusted company. We also welcome resellers and offer price support.