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Packaging Supplies & Wholesale Packaging Materials Brisbane

For businesses where shipping and storing goods is a regular expense, finding good quality packaging supplies in Brisbane is not always easy. The list of packaging supplies such as shipping boxes, tapes, wraps and space fillers can feel endless. For larger facilities such as a warehouse distribution centre where they are dealing with more volume, locating the proper warehouse packaging supplies in Brisbane may prove challenging. Regardless of how small or large your packaging requirements are, Hipac can serve all your packaging supply needs. …Readmore

The major concern when shipping goods is that it arrives in a timely manner with its contents undamaged. Your shipping carrier will control how quickly your goods will arrive, but you can control whether your goods arrive damaged or not. Your first consideration is choosing a durable packing container such as our corrugated cardboard boxes. It would be wise to secure and protect your goods further with bubble wrap, air pillows or foam void fillers depending on your circumstances. We offer a variety of bubble wraps to suit varying conditions such as foam or foil backed bubble wrap for fragile and heat sensitive goods. We even have laminated bubble wrap designed to protect static sensitive goods for certain types of electronics. Note that our Bio Fill void fillers are 100% biodegradable and reusable making them a very cost effective and eco-friendly choice.

We also provide a wide range of shrink-wraps for pallet shipping. Secure the pallet further with cardboard corners and pallet pads while protecting the contents with silica gel packs to fight humidity and prevent condensation. If you are shipping or storing any sharp metal items, consider buying our polywoven bags. We also provide a variety of sealing tapes and films to protect perishable food items from heat and microbes.

Whether you’re preparing your boxes for shipping or storage, we also supply an extensive list of tapes to prepare your carton. Choose from dozens of types of tape including masking, duct and strapping tape as well as e-tape. Remember to also purchase identification and marking materials to effectively organise your packed cartons. Choose from a complete list of markers, crayons, shipping tags, labels and marking paints and dots.

Hipac has been a top distributor of packaging supplies and warehouse packaging materials for many years. Our extensive product line and outstanding customer service has allowed us to serve the Australian government in addition to high profile companies such as Allied Pickfords and Honeywell. Our experience is not only restricted to the warehouse and manufacturing sectors but also includes construction and mining, agriculture and forestry as well as retail, office and healthcare.

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Hipac, being one of the leading suppliers of consumable packaging supplies and warehouse products, supplies many government departments and well-known brands which has led us to be a highly trusted company. We also welcome resellers and offer price support.